ZeeME is a ZCode interpreter for the J2ME environment. ZCode is the intermediate language that was designed and used by the original Infocom text adventure games. Using ZeeME, it is possible to package and play a large variety of interactive fiction on your J2ME mobile device.


You may download and install the ZeeME default jar or jad directly from this web site. The default ZeeME jar is packaged with a condensed version of Infocom’s Zork I called Mini-Zork. If you would rather play one of the many available interactive fiction titles, you may use the ZeeME packager as described below.

ZeeME Packager

The ZeeME packager contains the ZeeME interpreter and allows the user to package a ZCode interactive fiction game with the interpreter. Once the new jar has been created, it may be loaded onto the mobile device using standard means. The packager requires a J2SE (c) installation on the machine that will be used for packaging.

The steps required for creating a new interactive fiction package:

  1. Install necessary J2SE JRE or SDK on packaging machine.
  2. Download ZeeME packager to the packaging machine
  3. Download the interactive fiction to be packaged. See Resources for interactive fiction downloads.
  4. Run the packager from the command-line by executing “java -jar ZeeMEPackager.jar
  5. Fill in the fields appropriately and press the “Repackage” button.
  6. Install the resulting Java archive (.jar) file to your mobile device.

Hints and Tips

  • Many games support the ability to use the commands save and restore to save and restore the current game state. Unfortunately, save/restore appears to be broken in Mini-Zork.


There are many resources for interactive fiction on the internet. A Google search will reveal a rich community of interactive fictions authors. Some of the best sites are listed here.


Send email to zeeme@setera.org.


ZeeME and ZeeME packager are provided as-is. There is no warranty or guarantee that ZeeME will work as advertised or that it won’t crater your mobile device. Cratering your device with J2ME is probably not very possible, but there are very few guarantees in life.

  1. February 20th, 2013 at 17:06 | #1

    How can you package multiple games in the same jar?

  2. March 3rd, 2013 at 19:40 | #2

    Unfortunately, that is not possible

  3. March 4th, 2013 at 17:46 | #3

    My Java knowledge is rudimentary, but isn’t that what GameCatalog.java is supposed to handle? It says it will look for up to 10 games in the jar file. Does it just not work?

    I really like this program; it seems to be the only way to play IF on my Sanyo 2700. Thanks for making it available.