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ZBerry may be installed over the air using your BlackBerry using this link.

ZBerry Use


Once installed, ZBerry may be launched using the ZBerry launch icon.

ZBerry Launch

ZBerry Launch


Selection of the game to be played is handled by the Library view.

ZBerry Library Browser

ZBerry Library Browser

The library view shows all files in the library, organized by folders.  See below for more information on adding new folders and games to the library.

Playing A Game

After selecting a game from the library, the text of the game will be shown.

ZBerry Game Play

ZBerry Game Play

The game screen is divided into three separate areas:

  • Status Bar
    The status bar shows the current location, score and moves
  • Output Text Window
    The game text is displayed in the center window of the screen.  This text is read-only.  It is also scrollable, allowing scroll back for reading.
  • Text Entry Field
    At the bottom of the screen is the area for entering text to be interpreted by the game.  Enter your text and hit the Enter key on your BlackBerry.

Save/Resume State

After you have played a game, ZBerry will save your state at regular intervals.  When starting up, you will be prompted on how to proceed:

ZBerry Resume/Restart Prompt Dialog

ZBerry Resume/Restart Prompt Dialog

You are given three choices:

  • Resume
    ZBerry will attempt to resume the game from the previously stored state.
    NOTE: As of version 0.5.0, this function does not always work consistently.
  • Restart
    ZBerry will start the specified game over from the beginning, ignoring any saved state.
  • Select New Game
    Choosing Select New Game will open the library viewer so that a new game may be chosen.

Advanced Options

Font Selection

From the menu, you may choose to change the current font.  This can be used to choose an appropriately sized font for your device.

ZBerry Font Selection Dialog

ZBerry Font Selection Dialog

Adding Stories

The ZBerry Library is composed of files and folders in the standard BlackBerry file system.  To add new categories or games to the system, add folders or games to one of two locations:

  • <device memory>/zberry/stories
  • <sd card>/zberry/stories

These folders will be created automatically when ZBerry is first executed, but may be created by hand.

  1. Tom
    September 15th, 2009 at 13:13 | #1

    Good stuff. Curious — did you build this with Pulsar & the BlackBerry plugin, or did you use an older Eclipse release?

  2. September 22nd, 2009 at 18:06 | #2

    I used the Blackberry Java Development environment. That does not yet work with the Galileo release unfortunately.