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ZBerry is a ZCode interpreter for the BlackBerry devices. ZCode is the intermediate language that was designed and used by the original Infocom text adventure games. Using ZBerry, it is possible to enjoy a large variety of interactive fiction on your BlackBerry.


ZBerry has been built for BlackBerry devices of version 4.5 or greater.  It has been tested on the 4.5 BlackBerry emulator as well as a BlackBerry Bold.


ZBerry can be downloaded over the air from your BlackBerry. By default ZBerry is packaged with a condensed version of Infocom’s Zork I called Mini-Zork. If you would rather play one of the many available interactive fiction titles, you may download them and install them as directed.  See the ZBerry Documentation for instructions on installing and using ZBerry.


There are many resources for interactive fiction on the internet. A Google search will reveal a rich community of interactive fictions authors. Some of the best sites are listed here.


  • ZBerry is provided as-is. There is no warranty or guarantee that ZBerry will work as advertised or that it won’t crater your BlackBerry. Cratering your device with BlackBerry is probably not very possible, but there are very few guarantees in life.
  • There are lots of niggling bugs and things that could be improved.  With that said, this is a hobby project that may or may not advance beyond its current state.  The best way to get something fixed is to provide a patch to the source code to fix the problem.  The source code can be found below.

Hints and Tips

  • Many games support the ability to use the commands save and restore to save and restore the current game state. Unfortunately, save/restore appears to be broken in Mini-Zork.

Source Code

The ZBerry source code can be downloaded from this link.

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