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Rockbox Tagcache Database Generator

April 12th, 2011 Comments off

I’m cheap. I like geek toys, but tend to go cheap whenever possible. I still like my cheap Sandisk Fuze (V2) for working out, particularly with the Rockbox player loaded. Recently, I changed up the music on the device and the music database functionality in Rockbox started hanging while building the database. While still usable, the player just isn’t quite as good without the database functionality.

When I hit the wall with Android Pingus I decided to tackle a Rockbox database generator, based on the documentation in the Rockbox wiki. Using that documentation along with looking at the Rockbox source code and lots of binary comparisons, I managed to get a Java-based tool built for generating a Rockbox database on the PC that can be loaded onto my Fuze. I’ve released the first release of the Rockbox Tagcache Database Generator. This not necessarily a tool for the feint of heart, as it is a command-line tool driven by a configuration file. With that said, I do think it is pretty easy to use for its purpose and I’m happily using the results from the tool every day when I go to the gym.

As with many of my projects, this tool comes with zero warranty or support. “It works for me” is the best I can say for this tool at this point. The source is available on the page as well for those that may want to tinker or offer patches. At the moment, I have no need or interest in adding new features to this tool, since it is getting the job done for me. With that said, patches to the source would be something I would consider creating a new version to track.

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