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EclipseME Lives!

July 1st, 2012 Comments off

When I started hacking on EclipseME way back in 2001, I never would have guessed that it would still be going in 2012 in use in the form of the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project and a shipping product. A few days ago, Gorkem Ercan of Nokia announced that the latest version of Nokia SDK for Java is now based on Eclipse MTJ. Even though I don’t really spend any time on the MTJ project these days, it is very cool to see the software still being put to good use.

Eclipse MTJ – Help Wanted

September 19th, 2009 2 comments

Given Motorola’s push into the Android space, it comes as no surprise that they are trimming down the number of developers on the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project.  MTJ project lead, Christian Kurzke, announced via the mailing list that three of the key “Motorola sponsored” developers have been reassigned to a different project and will no longer be sponsored to develop the Eclipse MTJ features.  The good news is that Gustavo, Diego and David have expressed interest in continuing to be involved as individual contributors.  In addition, Jon Deardon from Research In Motion will most likely be joining the list of official contributors very soon.

As Christian pointed out via his email, now would be an excellent time to consider getting involved in the Eclipse MTJ project.  Even something as simple as being involved on the mailing list can help us out.  If you are a mobile developer using Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java, consider contributing a patch to provide a cool new feature or to fix the bug that annoys you the most.  Not a developer, but still want to contribute?  We can always use help with documentation and project marketing.  Pitch in and lend a hand!

New Eclipse “Mobile Tools” Project

August 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Eric Cloninger of Motorola has started the process of combining Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java, Eclipse Tools for Mobile Linux and Eclipse Pulsar projects under one combined project.  Although the specific name has not been decided yet, a leading candidate is simply the “Eclipse Mobile Tools” project.  In Eric’s presentation to members of the various projects he mentions a number of compelling reasons for pulling these projects together: Read more…

Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java Passes Release Review

June 11th, 2009 Comments off

Over on Chris Aniszczyk’s blog, he mentions that the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java and Eclipse Pulsar projects have passed the Galileo release review.  Although Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java isn’t quite 1.0, it is getting very close.  This is the culmination of the work I started in 2003 on the EclipseME project.  When I started that little hobby project, I would not have dreamed that it would have more than 700,000 downloads from Sourceforge or become the base of the official Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project.

Thanks to the help from Motorola and the other members of the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project, the EclipseME code has grown and matured far beyond what I could have done in my own free time.   There are many more support options now available and users should find a much smoother environment.  If you need any proof of the commitment from members of the MTJ development team, take a look at the developers mailing list request to begin work on the first service release beyond MTJ 1.0.

I’m looking forward to continuing my involvement with the MTJ project going forward both as a code committer and as a voice for the average mobile developer.  I want to thank all of the users of EclipseME over the years for their continued support and urge you to make the jump to MTJ if you have not already.  The final Galileo release is scheduled to be available on June 24th, but the versions available right now are pretty close to what you can expect at that time.  The differences between this first MTJ version and the last EclipseME release make it a very worthwhile upgrade to your development environment.

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